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Do you do gluten and/or sugar free?  

Buttercup cookies are made from delicious, high quality ingredients that are sourced out specifically to make the best cookies in all the land. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of my recipes, I do not offer gluten-free or sugar free options. 

Do you do egg free? 

Sorry! This one is a no can do. The primary ingredient of Buttercup’s delicious icing is dehydrated homogenized egg whites. Although it is possible to make icing without eggs, it is not possible to make MY icing without eggs.

Do you do dairy free? 

Dairy-free is possible, however there is a minimum order of one dozen to meet this restriction.

Are your cookies nut-free?

My decorated cookies do not have nuts in them, however my breakfast cookies do contain almond milk. This means I cannot guarantee a nut free environment for any of my items. 

Can you individually package my cookies? 

No problem! If doing local pick up, your order will come in a bakery box. If you would like them individually packaged, pricing is as follows:

  • Individual packaging - $3/dozen

  • Individual packaging with matching ribbon - $5/dozen

  • Individual packaging with matching ribbon and personalized tags (supplied by client) - $7/dozen​ 

Do you deliver?

I don't, but don't let that stop you from ordering! We can always work out a way to get cookies to you and your loved ones. 

Do you ship?

I sure do! Worldwide, in fact! I strongly believe companies shouldn't be making money off of shipping their products. I ship using Canada Post and only charge what they charge. Once I know what I am shipping, I can quickly get you a quote on shipping prices.

Do you do the setup and display at events such as weddings? 

  • I sure can, but there an hourly fee to do so (+ travel costs if outside the Greater Moncton area.)

Do you have a set price list?

I don't. All orders are priced based on how many colours are used, how much detail the designs require, require and the size of cookies. If you can give me an idea of what you are looking for, I can do up a quote or to make it even easier on  yourself, give me a theme and your budget and I can work something out for you!

Do you give discounts for large orders?

All of my clients are treated equally whether they are ordering 10 cookies or 10 dozen cookies. I keep my prices as low as I can to give you a quality product and keep us up and running. I don't want to compromise quality or myself and therefore keep prices fair across the board.

How far in advance to I have to order?

I can not stress this enough, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO EARLY! My availability depends on what is already booked for that time period. Sometimes I can't take an order that is for a year from now, but sometimes I can take one for next week. When you know, let me know so we can get it booked and in my calendar to avoid disappointment.

Do you require a deposit?

My deposit policy is full payment at time of order which is 50% refundable up until 1 month prior to scheduled date. (This means once a deposit is made, 100% of the amount will not be refunded no matter when you cancel should that occur.)  At the 1 month point, the deposit becomes nonrefundable. Until full deposits are made, all discussions are considered inquiries and are not placed on my calendar. Please note, if you inquire about a date and return later to book, it may no longer be available. An inquiry does not guarantee a date until booking. Deposits are required in order for me to guarantee you my time and for you to guarantee pick up after I have dedicated my time to your order. As all of my products are extremely customized, they are not ones that can be sold to another person when they have not been picked up by the initial client.


*November and December are the busiest months of my year. I do not have any wiggle room. For these 2 months, all deposits are 100% NONREFUNDABLE.

**Event tickets are non-refundable, but completely transferable. If you can not make it to an event, you are more than welcome to sell your ticket to someone else, however, it is not Buttercup's responsibility to find that someone for you.

***If you need to change your date, I will do my best to accommodate you. However, at some points, I have absolutely no wiggle room and will not be able to do so. Should this happen, your options are to keep the order where it has originally been made or to cancel the order and lose partial or full deposit depending on the notice that has been given.

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